7 rules of interior design extremely attractive French style

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  • 04/10/2019

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  • French architecture is the crystallization of the union between people and culture here. The famous French person has a gentle, romantic and very delicate personality. It is this also pretty much affects the French interior design. To have a space bearing the characteristics of the French, please refer to the following rules.

    1 Respect history
    Each house hides an interesting story and its unique charm. Therefore, in order to have beautiful interior designs, the architect needs to listen to the homeowner, hear what they need, what happened, what happened to this place. This is called respect for history

    2 Choose the opposite decoration
    Sometimes arranging opposites together brings about the effect of highlighting those items. The ceiling is white, the walls are painted black. These are also two basic opposite colors. The rest of the furniture is mostly neutral colors to soften the contrast of paint colors.
    Interior design of the bedroom is decorated with portraits (located in the 16th century to the 1960s) with different sizes, improvised arrangement. The leather curtain is from Serge Lesage and the corner of the room is an Egyptian armchair lined with Gaston y Daniela fabric. The room has been designed according to the owner’s wishes and it looks very natural and French.

    3 Inspired by French fashion
    Like fashion, the French style interior design is not too cumbersome, sophisticated but on the contrary, it is quite delicate and elegant. For French furniture, do not try to make it complicated, arrange them reasonably, it is minimalistic but delicate. Make a clever combination between classical and modern. Create a space close to the souvenirs you buy from trips, small things that are meaningful but meaningful to you.
    In addition, you can decorate your house with artworks, books and some small potted plants that you enjoy. These points will make your home look more friendly and lively than ever.

    4 Recycle – reuse
    In order for your home to be sustainable, environmentally friendly, it is important for you to know how to recycle and reuse the items you have used. Used jars are used for decoration to make your room close and friendly.

    5 Breaking by color
    The French have a special love for white, color is the way they can close the gap in age, familiarity or strangeness. However, their color rule is no rule at all. What you need is the overall color balance.
    You don’t have to use neutral colors all the time, you can use bright colors to break the way you would in this room. The yellow markings look youthful and striking. The bathroom is a combination of Scandinavian design, classical furniture and French style design to create a luxurious design.

    6 Refer to the French lifestyle
    French interiors are like designs because they bear the breath of the French lifestyle. They appear very easy because they are built to fit the way you move through the room. Interior design brings comfort, not restrictive.
    French interior is only really impressive when it is useful for users. From interiors to aesthetics, everyone should have a unified look. The decoration reflects the personality and life of the homeowner. Do not display too much furniture in the room, should use a few points as accents such as antiques or crafts. That would be a lot more sensible.

    7 Do not be busy following the trend
    Everything changed, in French parlance, the more they did not change. Trends can come and go, turn around in politics, fashion, and decor. Garance Aufaure, an old house, in the late 18th century, of course, has changed over time. Each generation has contributed to modernizing the house. However, the house is still as pure as it is. Improving but still respecting what the previous generation did, that’s the best way to keep it as alive as possible.
    The settee and the chair in the bedroom are from Louis XVI era with the same interior tables from the 19th century. French style is inherently attractive. If you are passionate about this style, you must have chosen for yourself useful information.