Artificial stone – the leading material for kitchen spaces

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  • 04/10/2019

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  • There are many options on the market for kitchen countertops, but LG artificial stone materials account for the majority of kitchen countertops. Look at the pros and cons of each LG Hi-Macs artificial stone and follow the links to learn more about each one when making your own decisions.
    1, Artificial granite
    For a time, granite was the material of choice when there were no other things to think about like money. Artificial marble defines elegance in a kitchen. Even the modest kitchen seems to be a luxurious space when it comes to the taste of the beauty of the artificial stone face.
    Historically, LG artificial stone is an expensive material, but its cost has decreased somewhat as supply has increased and manufactured stone has become more popular. LG artificial granite prices always make customers have a harder choice than ever.

    2, Quartz (Artificial stone)
    The “quartz” table top material is actually a technical stone product containing up to 93% of quartz particles and other minerals, formed into slabs and bonded with plastic. This is not a solid quartz slab manufactured by quarrying.
    Sold by the Morestone company, quartz was created as a more adaptable and better-functioning alternative to granite and marble. It is available in a greater color range than granite and has a spatial surface that resists scratches and staining. Some types are convincing replicas of natural marble, with similar ridges. Unlike natural stones, quartz designs do not require annual sealing.

    The same technology currently used in so-called glass countertops, consists of recycled glass beads mixed with plastic and formed into table tops. Consumers who are interested in advanced might want to consider glass as well as quartz countertops.
    3, Solid surface material
    Solid surface materials, sold under brands including LG Hi-Macs, Solid Surface, are artificial materials composed of a mixture of acrylic and plastic particles laminated into sheets and shapes. another form. Solid countertops and sinks have been around for almost 50 years, but at the time of their introduction, they were considered as a space age substitute for natural stones, they sought to imitate.

    561/5000Once considered high-end, luxurious countertops, solid surface materials are now considered somewhat intermediate, but it’s still a great choice for mid-range kitchens. It can also be a good material in a high-end kitchen with lots of countertop space that will be very expensive to cover with granite or quartz.
    Thus, the LG artificial stone interior design always brings a unique, novel and safe kitchen space to the kitchen. LG Hausys artificial stone is a very expensive stone model, so choosing it is still worth thinking for customers.