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  • 04/10/2019

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  • Morehome children’s furniture is one of the items that Morehome focuses on interior design and construction. At Morehome specializes in providing children’s furniture such as desks, bunk beds, single beds, chairs, bookcases, bookshelves, wallpaper … with industrial wood and natural wood. Interior design of children’s bedrooms at Morehome is decorated by creative architects according to the personality, gender of each child and choosing colors and furniture suitable for each child.

    Interior design for children will have two directions: interior design for girls bedroom and bedroom design for boys, depending on gender to be able to create interior products such as beds, desks, shelves books, suitable wallpaper. In addition to choosing baby bedroom furniture designs by choosing the design and construction unit, parents can buy baby furniture at furniture showrooms nationwide like showrooms Morehome on the 3rd floor, T6-08 Alley 643a, Pham Van Dong, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi or can contact 0975438686 for advice on children’s furniture.

    Bedroom interior design template for babies

    1, Interior design bedroom cute girls, lovely
    Bedroom design for girls always has lovely gentle colors such as pink, purple, red, … furniture is designed smartly modern and has images such as dolls, princess, lady, kitty , …

    In order to give your baby a resting learning space, choosing baby’s furniture needs the science to help her both love her room space and create a personality for her from an early age. Children’s furniture always determines the personality and ideal of living from a young age, forging the child to have the friendliest, gentle and intelligent personality right in his private living space.

    This style of designing a baby girl’s bedroom shows that her parents are the one who guides her daughter to an active, creative living space but still show her lightness and beauty. Samples of decorative shelves and relaxing chairs are designed with a circular square that creates a lively baby.

    Girl’s bedroom personality, but still gentle with pale pink. The bedroom furniture of the baby is designed quite sophisticatedly with a combination of 2 personalities, the bed and the study table show a feminine gentleness, the wall with wallpaper and wall paintings show the personality. of baby.
    The girl’s bedroom is beautifully designed with the colors and furnishings, giving the baby and parents the wonderful private space right at their home.
    2, Interior design of boys bedroom
    Boys’ bedrooms are often more practical designed with simple and versatile furniture models such as bookshelves, desks, beds and especially wardrobe systems that will be designed in a smart, modern way. . Interior design of boys ‘bedroom is usually easier than girls’ bedroom because boys do not require fussy in textures but only neatness, certain comfort. For girls, it is always necessary to choose colors, princess-style furniture, but boys, on the contrary, only need furniture related to creative science, to the body, and their dreams.
    Designing a simple and dynamic baby boy bedroom with a blue and white color scheme. The desk with blue house-shaped bookshelf brings a far-off future for children, smartly designed wardrobe with sliding door system.
    For strong guys, they will love the minimalist and light bedroom interior design as this bedroom space. Furniture is designed rustic but convenient to express the baby.