Classic European-style kitchen

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  • 23/10/2019

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  • Before coming up with the idea of ​​designing a family kitchen, you will surely wonder what your home kitchen design will be. If you are still wondering, check out our kitchen samples below to find more unique ideas for you.
    Design kitchen simple if you grasp the trends of kitchen design of each continent, culture, climate and also follow the overall design of the house architecture.
    In this article, I will introduce to you some samples of classic European style kitchen:
    A magnificent and magnificent kitchen, classic but no less modern and luxurious. The wall is made of granite harmoniously combined with the wooden ceiling. The tabletop is made of stone, which makes it easier to clean.
    Looking at it can be seen that this is a classic style kitchen of the ancient kings. Lanterns, fireplaces and rough stone walls make the room cozy and luxurious. The ceiling is made of wood combined with small light bulbs to increase the shimmer and nobility of the kitchen.

    The kitchen is classic in style, but it still leans toward modernity, arranged in a convenient and reasonable manner. Delicate from lights, hanging cabinets. While the dining table is placed in the middle to the utensils, the kitchen cabinets with lamps make the room extravagant. Then the bar is a place for you and your family’s guests to sip a glass of wine, or to make delicious dishes yourself. With this kitchen, our guests will not want to leave this cozy atmosphere.
    This model kitchen has a bit of neoclassical style, the color used here is a deep color, creating a friendly, cozy and no less luxurious feeling. With the space covered by such deep colors, light colors such as dishes, lamps, etc. can be used to make the kitchen more harmonious.
    Kitchen cabinets and dining tables are made of natural wood with the dominant brown color, all bringing a warm and happy feeling for the family’s kitchens. Ceiling light system makes the kitchen become luxurious and impressive.

    The design of the European-style kitchen will not be easily outdated because of its classy style but still full of modern appliances to ensure the comfort of cooking and enjoying the dishes. To increase the classic and shimmer you should use some decorative items such as chandeliers, crystal lamps, temple cages, vases or pots, … designed with patterns neck. Although simple, but also the difference creates lively and beautiful kitchen space.
    This kitchen is especially noticeable with natural light, when naturally illuminated the kitchen will be more beautiful and comfortable to enter. Although the kitchen space is not large, the neat and scientific arrangement of utensils has created a spacious and spacious kitchen.
    The highlight of this design is the lantern combination with the kitchen cabinets made of natural wood creating a special kitchen. The light from the kitchen window is properly placed to make the kitchen become cleaner and more fresh.
    This is a classic classic kitchen with sushi bar style. Often such kitchens are used in luxury villages. Open space with natural light creates a cool feeling for visitors, suitable for weekend meetings.
    The colors used in the old-style design are the dominant dark colors. harmonious combination of colors of furniture with style and decoration will create a luxurious elegant kitchen. An enjoyable and relaxing living space for everyone in the family after hard working hours.