Consulting and designing 2-storey villa L

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  • 04/10/2019

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  • There are many ways and many options to design a 2-storey L-shaped villa, and regardless of any option, the architect must follow the aesthetic factors as well as the use. The following article would like to advise on the design of a simple L-floor villa that is still beautiful and convenient to use, bringing a new breath to your home.
    It can be affirmed that the design is a popular architectural style of housing both before and to this day. That’s because its design is always trendy and never gets dated over time. There are many architectural styles of villas such as classic, modern or neoclassical villas … and each homeowner with different financial conditions, living needs and preferences will choose for themselves the appropriate villa models. . In particular, the design of a 2-storey L-shaped villa is quite selected by many people because it will give homeowners a beautiful, spacious living space with full use. In particular, the design of this villa is suitable for the square not square and homeowners can take advantage of this drawback to create an ideal living space for themselves and their family members.

    Consulting detailed design of 2-storey villa
    To design a 2-storey L-shaped street villa on a land that is not square, homeowners can choose a soft slope design with wall edges to create accents for the house, while reducing the monotony very much. may happen. Along with that, the windows and doors can use high-grade aluminum and glass doors that both have a soundproofing and heat insulation effect, making the house wider and brighter. In addition, homeowners can also choose wooden door – the door is quite popular and suitable for the taste of Vietnamese people.
    Room layout of each floor in the design of 2-storey L-shaped villas is as follows:

    • Ground floor 1: including 1 living room, 1 bedroom and dining room, separate kitchen. The rooms are designed with balconies facing outwards, giving homeowners a relaxed feeling, close to nature.

    The ground floor 2 including 2 bedrooms, 1 church and laundry terrace, drying clothes.
    L-shaped 2-storey villas, whether designed in modern or neoclassical style, also have a unique roof architecture and are usually roof tiles, sloping roofs similar to simple Thai roof architecture models. but still very beautiful and always attract all eyes. Along with the beautiful architecture of the house, the surrounding garden space makes the villa more fresh and accentuated. This is the perfect place to live and relax, which any homeowner wants.