Experience choosing to buy a good rice cooker and is suitable for the family

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  • 20/10/2019

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  • A good electric cooker not only helps you cook delicious rice, faster, more energy efficient. However, not everyone can choose a suitable electric cooker if they do not know the characteristics and features of each type of cooker.

    To make the selection easier, please refer to the useful purchasing experience below and consider carefully before buying.
    Choose pot capacity
    The capacity of the rice cooker corresponds to the maximum amount of rice that you can cook in one time, so you should choose the capacity of the rice cooker to suit the number of people in your family or the number of people to eat.
    Specifically, an electric rice cooker usually cooks from 5.5 to 10 cups of rice (1L to 1.8L), of which 5 cups of rice is calculated as enough for 5 people to eat at one meal.

    Material heart pot
    Should choose the inner pot made of cast iron because aluminum pots often heat quickly but radiate heat so the rice will not cook evenly.
    It is best to choose the inner pot with a thick nonstick layer to easily clean when the burnt rice sticks to the bottom of the pot. In addition, the durability of non-stick layers of pots varies, so you should pay attention to buy from reputable brands to ensure more.

    Select the function
    Simple rice cookers usually have only one operating switch.
    Some new and advanced electronic rice cookers often have more functions such as timer, quick cooking mode, warming mode and many other functions. Therefore, you should consider whether you need a rice cooker with many functions or just a simple cooker is enough.

    Other characteristics
    Choose a type with a cord long enough to plug into an outlet.
    When buying a pot, you must choose the right pot of electricity suitable for your family’s electrical system. It is best to ask the seller or see the user guide for this information.
    Should choose a pot with handles or wide handles, wire detachable or can be retracted inside for easy transport and storage.
    Glass lids are usually easy to see and check to see if the rice is cooked.
    Choose a pot with a large steam outlet or inner lid to make it cooked more evenly and not to be crushed.

    Choose accompanying items.
    Should choose the type of pot comes with items such as steaming, measuring cups of rice, spoon for rice …
    The rice scoop that comes with the pot is usually a plastic spoon, helping you to get the rice at the bottom of the pot without scratching or damaging the nonstick layer.

    Choose pot design
    For some people, the color and shape of the pot is extremely important. Currently on the market there are many types of pots with outstanding colors such as blue, purple, red, pink … so before buying should consider according to preferences and kitchen space to choose the appropriate pot.
    Choose a pot size that fits the pot.