How to choose the right air conditioner for the family bedroom

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  • 14/10/2019

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  • Night sleep is very important to the health of each of us. Therefore, families often provide air conditioning for their bedroom. Especially, in hot days, air conditioner brings you a better and deeper sleep. However, choosing air conditioning for the bedroom is not easy.

    Choose the air conditioner for the bedroom must be the right size and capacity
    The first important thing when choosing an air conditioner for a bedroom is that the air conditioner must match the size of your room, then the cooling effect will reach the highest level. You can base on the capacity of air conditioner to choose. According to the research of experts, the air conditioner has a capacity of about 1 HP suitable for rooms with an area of ​​less than 15m2, an air conditioner with a capacity of 1.5 HP is suitable for rooms of 15-20 m2. Air conditioner 2 HP should choose a room with an area of ​​20 – 30 m2. Air conditioner with capacity of 2.5 HP should choose a room from 30 – 40 m2.
    If you choose the type of air conditioner with a too large capacity for a room too small will result in wasted energy, cooling in a small space will cause moisture imbalance in the room. Or you choose the type of air conditioner with a too small capacity in the room is too large will lead to the condition of the machine operating too capacity is easily damaged.

    Choose the type of air conditioner with appropriate features
    Choosing air conditioner for the bedroom you also need to pay attention to the features of the air conditioner. For example, you should choose air conditioner equipped with Inverter technology to reduce power consumption because the machine works in the bedroom for long periods of time, usually 8 hours at night. In addition, Inverter technology helps the machine operate more smoothly and more stable.
    Besides, you should choose the air conditioner with sleep mode or comfortable wind. Because the sleep mode of the air conditioner will automatically operate, raising the temperature at night to adapt to your body, avoiding the situation that you are too cold or too hot, helping your sleep better. Air conditioning with a pleasant wind mode is also an ideal choice for you. Quiet wind mode, does not blow directly on people, limiting cases where the user suffocates air.

    Choose air conditioner of reputable brands
    When choosing the air conditioner for the bedroom or equipment in the home, office, etc. You should pay attention to choose air conditioners from reputable and famous manufacturers such as LG air conditioner, Samsung air conditioner, Panasonic air conditioner, air conditioner. Toshiba, Daikin air conditioner … Each product line of these brands has different advantages, rich models to help you have more choices.
    Especially, the air conditioner lines of famous brands have diverse prices, suitable for many customer segments. Warranty programs, after-sales of big companies are always quick and effective.