How to choose to buy a Induction cooker

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  • 04/10/2019

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  • Induction cooker from this day are becoming the most used stove to replace coal and gas stoves thanks to many advantages suitable to the needs of the majority of housewives.

    Why should you use the electromagnetic stove?

    Never electric cooker market, infrared stove has become as hot as recent years. Because the rapid increase in demand quickly brings a series of consumer questions such as: Why should use an electric stove, electric cooker from any type is good, should buy single type electric cooker Well, from any good brand electric cookers … To answer why you should use electromagnetic cookers instead of other types of cookers, let’s take a look at the advantages below to see the superior features and performance of the stove. electromagnetic.

    Induction cooker is absolutely safe for users

    Coal is a good combustion material but emits a large amount of CO2, if used in a closed home is easy to cause gas poisoning, asphyxiation can lead to death. Other types of gas stoves, such as gas stoves and electric stoves, can cause burns to the user, easily ignite fire to surrounding objects, or cause air leakage or electric fire. electromagnetic cooker was born to overcome most of the disadvantages of the traditional cookers that came before. This is a type of stove that uses magnetic coils as a heat source to heat cookware, capable of conducting magnetic surfaces on the hob. The coil itself is not hot, but only hot cooking utensils, so even touching the surface of the stove while cooking is pretty cool.

    Superlative power saving

    According to scientific statistics, normally, the amount of heat lost when using gas stoves is 60%, electric cookers are 40% while electromagnetic stoves are only 10%. This large difference is due to the efficiency of the induction hob, which is thoroughly focused on the bottom of the pot. Meanwhile, when using gas stoves, we often lose a lot of heat in the process of heating the pot due to the fire is not concentrated, lost to the environment in large amounts.

    Easy to clean

    Electromagnetic cookers often have a structure of glass surface so it is easy to clean after use. You only need to use a soft cloth to clean the surface after cooking, saving a lot of time, unlike when using a gas stove, to wipe the glass, the glass, the stainless steel tray.

    Comfort, luxury, durability

    Like other kitchen lines, electromagnetic cookers have many colors and categories for users to choose, suitable for many different needs. The surface of the induction hob uses beautiful glossy tempered glass, the current design of the electromagnetic stove is all neat, space-saving design, bringing luxurious comfort to the kitchen space in the family. Most types of electric cookers use high-grade tempered glass such as Schott ceran, K + and Ceramic glass, heat resistance up to 800 degrees C, heat shock up to 1000 degrees C, fast heat dissipation, keeping Completely safe for users.