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  • 04/10/2019

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  • On the current market, Japanese rice cookers are widely sold, but many of them are fake goods, poor quality goods, and disassembled items in the interior. So how to choose the standard pot is still “delicious”. The following article of Hong Kieu Electric Machine will share tips for you to choose.

    Understand the correct Japanese rice cooker
    Japanese rice cooker is the generic term for IH high frequency rice cooker. A type of electric cooker made with the most advanced internal heating technology in Japan. With this technology when cooking rice, the heat will not pass through the heat sink like the way the normal cooker works, but the heat is transferred directly into the pot (like the way the stove works) so the rice will be delicious. than when cooked, don’t lose nutrients.
    Benefits of IH frequency cooker
    As mentioned above, the cooker uses magnetic induction technology to sense and provide the correct amount of heat for each type of rice combined with direct heat transfer, so the rice is not only delicious but also energy efficient. Radiant heat will be used thoroughly, not wasted, helping your family save a small fee.
    The inside of the pot is extremely thick, high-quality nonstick layer convenient for cleaning. Control screen has many modes: cooking, stewing, steaming … easy to use. You can also keep the rice warm in the pot for up to 24 hours without any rancid water condensation phenomenon.
    Features “identify” a genuine Japanese rice cooker
     * The word IH on the body of the pot
    The first genuine high-frequency cooker must have the word IH on the body of the pot (this is the abbreviation for the word Induction Heating – the heating technology we have mentioned above). All the words in the LCD screen are 100% rectangles, the inside of the pot, too, there is no English word or any other language.

    • Voltage 110V
      Japanese domestic goods use voltage 110V, not 220V like Vietnam. So look at the bottom of the pot, or the bottom of the pot, to see how much electricity is used. If not, ask the store owner to let you see if you’ve checked the pot, if it is on electricity, just observe whether they are plugged in directly or via a transformer. This is also the trick to use when we buy domestic goods from Korea, USA, Japan … Because the grid they use is always lower than us.
    • Check the pot
      The pot on the lid is one of the details worth checking out and most interested in. Because this detail will help us assess the quality of heat retention, cooking of the pot. Add water and bring them to a boil with the same electric rice cooker you want to buy. If steam escapes around the pan, even if the lid of the pan is broken, the pan is broken, meaning that the ability to cook rice and keep the heat of the pot has a problem. You should not buy.
      Do not choose a Japanese domestic rice cooker that has been repaired (needs credibility).
    • Distinguish pot with and without pressure
      Another feature is the IH high-frequency cooker divided into two types with and without pressure. The pressure cooker will have two stainless steel hooks on the lid, the pressure cooker won’t. The pot with the pressure to perform the tunnel, porridge cooking will be faster, the price difference is a bit higher.
      In addition, you can combine with the selection of a pot with good design, no distortion, no scratches, or only a few scratches, choose a reputable electronics center, they have termites to collect goods. The Japanese domestic rice cooker is good, has not been repaired or damaged inside.