Japanese domestic microwave

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  • 04/10/2019

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    • Microwave with fast and compact advantages has increasingly occupied an important position in Vietnamese family kitchens. In less than 2 minutes you can warm up a dish, too convenient, right? Indeed, microwave ovens operate on the principle of microwaves, so they are able to cook food from the inside out at the same time, helping you save maximum cooking time while still having a delicious, warm meal. .
        – Currently, with the popularity that microwaves also have more functions and names such as: microwave ovens, microwaves … with the ability to warm up, boil, grill, cook soup, …
      Currently, there are Japanese domestic microwave ovens such as:
       * Microwave oven.
      Mechanical microwaves have control buttons that are mechanical knobs. The microwave oven is designed to be easy to use, suitable for simple consumer requirements such as cooking, reheating, baking.
      ** Electronic microwave oven.
      More modern than a mechanical microwave, an electronic microwave has an additional screen that displays many parameters and an extensive menu to choose from. The microwave is designed as a multi-function microwave oven that can be cooked, baked, reheated, etc.
      Basic modern features of Japanese domestic microwave ovens.
    • Smart control panel allows you to adjust time, power and timer easily.
    • Diverse menu of dishes for each meal becomes simpler and more convenient than ever.
    • Inventer technology helps prevent interrupted power conditions, helps the microwave operate more steadily and more stable, saving up to 30-40% of the power consumption while still improving cooking efficiency. and the quality of the food, in addition to the technology itself, will help extend the “lifetime” of your microwave.
      Reasons to choose Japanese domestic microwave.
      • A country with many big brands and long experience in electronics technology. This has confirmed the quality of Japanese products in the eyes of Vietnamese people in particular and the world in general, including domestic Japanese microwave ovens.
      • Japanese domestic microwaves are integrated with an oven and microwave. You can just reheat food, steam, cook … and can cook the barbecue in a compact machine. Outstanding with 3D technology does not use turntables like conventional ovens, so when baking food is cooked evenly from the inside out.
      • Compact design, luxury, LCD screen, easy to use. The function to lock the panel specifically when you start the microwave will automatically disable the keyboard, avoiding the case of naughty children touching the oven when no adults are watching.
      • In addition, in the high-end segment, the microwave also has a moisture-compensated convection bottle to help prevent your barbecue dishes from drying when processing, creating delicious and attractive dishes for family meals. family.
      • With the timer setting system, you simply put the food into the Japanese microwave to select the mode that has finished its work, without spending much time in the cooking work. .