The pocket experience chooses to buy the most efficient and economical gas stove

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  • 04/10/2019

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  • The pocket-sized experience chooses to buy the most efficient and economical gas stove, supermarket imported kitchen appliances
    This is the problem that most housewives are concerned about. As life has improved, the need to use gas stoves to save time and convenience has also increased. Although there are many types of cookers available, gas stoves are still the most popular option. Let’s listen! Experience of choosing and using the most effective and economical gas stove of housewives to each other!
    With outstanding features such as Instant heat supply (and can turn off the heat immediately), can be used with most cookware, pots and pans, can adjust fire (heat). ) Accurate, intuitive and cook food at very high temperatures, gas cookers are the first choice of housewives. However, the experience of choosing to buy and use the most effective and economical gas stove is not known.
    Let’s learn how to choose a gas stove and the safe and economical way to use Eastern Kitchen!
    Choosing to buy a good gas stove and use it efficiently and economically is the desire of housewives
    1, Consulting to buy a gas stove
    Currently on the market there are many types of gas stoves with prices also differ. The price of negative gas cookers ranges from VND 2 million / unit or more depending on the size, material and fire nozzle technology. Negative gas stove has 2 types of stove, 3 stove or 4 stove. You should choose a kitchen that suits your kitchen area. For example, the kitchen has a small area, you should choose to buy gas stove 2 stove is set diagonally.
     When buying a gas stove, pay attention to the material and technology:
    You should pay attention to the material and technology of the kitchen. Material kitchen surfaces often use tempered glass and heat resistant as the highest price; glass or aluminum kitchen surfaces, stainless steel are lower prices, along with poorer quality.
    Burner technology is a key factor that determines the life of the stove and the ability to save gas. Currently most gas stoves use batteries to ignite at first, some types of electric ignition will not be convenient when the power is out. For added safety, many models of gas cookers have automatic shutoffs so that gas does not leak when the dish overflows and switches off the stove. These products are more expensive than those without automatic gas disconnectors. The technology of the inner burnner (the burner is located 3 – 5cm below the base of the kitchen) is being interested by many customers because of its ability to cook up to 20% faster, due to the less heat lost outside. can save up to 30% of gas compared to a traditional burner.
     Should buy gas stoves in prestigious supermarkets, of big brands
    To choose to buy good gas stoves, according to the advice of many gas business owners, housewives should buy gas stoves in big supermarkets that are reliable and reputable. With famous brands of Japan, Italy … such as: Toji gas cooker, Giovani gas cooker, taka gas stove …
    2, How to use a gas stove safely and economically
    Gas cookers can cook all kinds of pots but to use gas cookers safely and economically, you should not use large bottom pots to cook on mini gas cookers, because large bottom pots may cause the fire to cover the jar. Gas is not safe for users, should not use the bottom of the pot is too thick to cook on gas stove, because it will cause large gas consumption.
    Should choose a suitable pot for gas cookers to cook economically
    In addition, the housewives should also note, should not cook too long and continuously for long periods on the gas stove. Because, when cooking continuously for a long time, the temperature from the flame will affect the gas cylinder causing the pressure in the tank to increase, which can easily lead to the explosion of the gas cylinder.
    To save gas, housewives need to prepare food to cook for each dish, when cooking, constantly cooking to avoid letting the kitchen cool down and then turn it on to cook other dishes, many times turning on the stove will also consume gas. futile. At the same time, adjust the flame so that the bottom of the pot touches 1/3 of the flame and fits the bottom of the pot. Avoid flames around the body of the pot as it will drain the heat energy around it in vain. When cooking, the flame should be adjusted so that the bottom of the pot touches 1/3 of the flame and fits the bottom of the pan.
    Do not leave the gas hob in a windy place or let the air blower direct toward the gas hob when using for cooking. Adjust the wind so that the best gas burning effect (enough air to burn all the gas, observe the fire is green at the top and do not hear the gas smell when cooking).
    A few more issues that consumers need to keep in mind are not to use the old gas stove, also need periodic inspection or replace a new gas stove. From the beginning of use to about 5 years is the average duration you need to change the cord. However, this period also depends on the environment, as well as the required use and advice of gas station replacement and regular kitchen maintenance of the family.
    When a gas leak occurs: For gas consumers who use the pipe house and close the door, when the gas phenomenon occurs, if standing near the stove or using the stove, immediately close the gas cylinder valve and turn off. stove, turn off open flames near kitchen areas (such as candles, etc.)

    Then open doors and windows for ventilation. If you do not use the kitchen and stand near doors, windows, quickly open the door and try to close the gas valve. A manual fan can be used to fan quickly to reduce the concentration of gas vapor in the air below the explosion limit. Absolutely not perform any actions that can cause sparks such as turning on lighters, closing or shutting down electrical equipment such as contacts, circuit breakers, aptomat, electric fans, etc. including mobile phones.
    Finally, everyone must quickly leave the area with a smell of gas or the area at risk of fire or explosion. Call the store, the gas agent sent staff to check and handle.
    3, Note when choosing to buy gas cylinders
    One of the issues that ensure the safe use of gas stoves is that consumers should also buy gas cylinders at the stores, official agents of gas companies. In addition, when buying gas, you need to check the shrink film, anti-counterfeiting stamps are still taken on the gas bottle valve.
    Along with that, check on the top of the gas bottle embossed with the name of the gas brand, the word imprinted on the handle of the gas cylinder coincides with the brand name printed on the body of the gas cylinder to ensure genuine gas cylinders.
    Because of the fact that the market is occupying the bottles of famous brands, then grinding the embossed letters and repainting it as their own gas tanks. The abrained cover will be thin and increase the risk of gas leakage, reducing the pressure of the flammable gas vapor.
    Consumers are also especially wary of huge promotions: many consumers have been deceived, when buying fake brand-new gas cylinders with only half the volume of genuine gas, to receive gifts. The promotion is valid for a quarter of the fraudulent gas volume. In addition, you can also find other kitchen lines with high safety and quality as well as clear origin when coming to our stores nationwide.