Tip 6 Nice kitchen layout for the year 2019

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  • 11/10/2019

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  • The most beautiful kitchen is not the most important layout. If you still have not found the idea of a beautiful kitchen layout, refer to 6 layouts for a beautiful kitchen in 2019 below. Hopefully, the information below will be helpful for you to have a properly arranged kitchen.

    1. Mediterranean style

    The layout of the beautiful Mediterranean style kitchen is suitable for the large space. In order to create a warm and cozy atmosphere for a large kitchen, dispel the emptiness of a large kitchen space. Besides, it also brings elegant beauty and also full of charm. With Mediterranean style, the decoration you need to have the following. Using wooden beams for the ceiling is essential for this style. Next to the kitchen area must be large for you to freely create and arrange items. Furniture must use metal materials seats, dining tables, lamps. Combined with a rustic brick wall to create a beautiful and impressive Mediterranean style kitchen.
    If you are liberal, love the freedom, close to nature, then choose this Mediterranean style for your kitchen.

    2. Modern kitchen

    The beautiful modern kitchen layout that includes U-shaped kitchen, kitchen cabinets with neutral colors such as white, black, beige, brown, light yellow … and materials are industrial wood, natural wood, stone, glass , stainless steel … With the U-shaped kitchen, the kitchen has a larger design than the I and L-shaped cookers that converge with full comfort and convenience. Very convenient for cooking, washing dishes, fixing vegetables …
    This modern kitchen is suitable for newly married couples or families living a modern, youthful and extroverted lifestyle.

    3. Arrangement according to the classic trend

    This is a classic layout common in Vietnamese kitchens. The kitchen is arranged in a classic style that is a combination of wood and stone. Bring nature to your kitchen space. This is a nice simple kitchen layout but brings the convenience to the kitchen is very high.
    Very suitable for the house with a small kitchen area, three rooms, tube house … Or used in our country because of the cost of decoration suitable for the majority of people in our country.

    4. Eliminate cumbersome decorative details

    Arrange and redeploy unnecessary details, cumbersome go so as not to cause confusion, and create a sense of unfavorable, difficult to see. Kitchen space is just for cooking and enjoying food. This is one of the style is very popular today with the aim of “as minimalist as possible”.
    This model is suitable for those who love the simplicity, lightness, peace, do not want to be bound

    5. Vintage style for the kitchen

    This style has the sound of the 50s and to this day has been new variations. Decorating this style kitchen will usually take a long time because items are not available for purchase. Decorative items also need to require thorough exploration and collection. With this style, every detail in the kitchen must be focused and requires unity. With paint colors for vintage kitchens are colors such as cream, green … to show the sweetness.
    This is a model of kitchen cabinets suitable for female owners who love the lightness, poetic, and introverted personality.

    6. Combine opposite colors

    The opposing colors are hard to come by, but a clever combination and a bit of sophistication will definitely bring an explosion of your kitchen space. If the kitchen space uses only one color, it will be very boring, monotonous and rigid. But if combining two opposing colors together they will complement each other and enhance the beauty of the kitchen. For people with strong personality, “a little crazy”, personality, vitality and energy, love life, this beautiful kitchen layout is suitable.