Tip 7 ways to decorate the living room small but scientific

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  • 12/10/2019

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  • The living room of an apartment is not simply a place to meet and talk when receiving guests but also a place for entertainment and many common activities of the whole family. To design the interior of a beautiful living room is not easy, we need to work with design experts to choose between countless ideas.
    Based on the design of the house, the living room space will be designed into arrays with contrasting shapes and colors creating a certain style.
    Where to put the sofa, the television layout for the whole family to see where, the cupboard should be in the living room, should use wooden or glass tables … all need to be carefully considered to create a room Modern guests, fully functional and bring a relaxing feeling for everyone.

    But if you own an apartment with a small area and of course the living room is also small, what to do? Do not let the limited space is the reason your living room loses points.
    Everyone noticed that small spaces are often difficult to decorate and become beautiful. That is why this article brings 10 ways to decorate a small but scientific living room so that you can make your family living room more beautiful and attractive.

    1. Separate the space with a carpet
    The design of open space between the living room and the dining room is often a popular solution for families with small living spaces. So, you need to know that using a rug to delineate the living room space will make this area much more impressive.

    2. Use glass furniture
    The transparent or glass furniture does not block the light but allows them to pass, thus, helping the room space more open. This is also one of the 10 easiest and easiest d├ęcor for a small living room.

    3. Use many small objects instead of large furniture
    For small living rooms, you need to choose furniture with adequate size. However, in some cases these small items may not meet the needs of your family.
    The solution here is that you should choose small furniture with the same height and low height, so that it can meet both the needs of the family and save space.

    4. Add colors to the living room space
    White walls, light wooden floors are the best option for a cramped living room. But if they make you feel a bit cold, then cleverly add a few colorful colors inside the room with items such as vases, pictures, pillows

    5. Create an impressive TV set angle
    Instead of just putting the TV on the shelf, learn how to make an impression on this area. You can choose the model of TV shelves or add more wall shelves to display more books, vases, decorative accessories to make the TV corner more attractive.

    6. Make use of the corner space
    When you live in a small space, the corner is not to be missed. So, you should never leave the corner of the living room wasteful, but turn it into an impressive display corner like this way.

    7. Choose small size furniture
    As mentioned above, with a small living room, you need to consider carefully in choosing furniture. Small furniture items that don’t take up too much space are best suited for a small room. They will help your living room get rid of the cramped, mysterious feeling when used.