Tip buy refrigerators suitable for families

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  • 13/10/2019

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  • Nowadays almost every family needs to buy a refrigerator. You already know how to choose a refrigerator for your family yet.

    Capacity suitable for the number of people and the need for storage of the family
    Depending on the number of members, the need for storage and daily living habits of each family, you need to consider choosing the capacity of the refrigerator to best suit. We have the following types of capacities:

    • 1-3 users ~ 150 liters.
    • 3-5 users ~ 150 liters to 300 liters.
    • 5-7 users ~ 300 liters to 400 liters.
    • Over 7 users ~ Over 450 liters.
    • Moreover, you can choose a slightly larger capacity than the number of members based on the number of times to go to the market each week, if the house often organizes parties or needs to store more food to trade.

    Choose the fridge style
    On the market today, refrigerators have many designs for you to choose depending on the needs of containing food, hobbies or in harmony with the interior space:
    Refrigerator freezer on
    As a traditional refrigerator, with freezer accounts for about 1/3 of the refrigerator capacity, the most popular on the market today. Compared to the common ground, this refrigerator has a relatively low price, suitable for economically limited families.
    However, the drawback of this type of cabinet is that you have to bend your back too much to get food in the cool compartment (the most used compartment).

    Refrigerator with freezer under
    Solve the problem of getting food in the cool compartment without having to bend over too much because the cool compartment is designed right at your eye level.
    Refrigerator Side by side
    As a line of high-end refrigerators, bringing luxurious beauty and modern interior space of your family. Refrigerator is equipped with a large positive capacity, suitable for families with large members.
    Moreover, the multi-wing cabinet design, suitable for you to store separate food, easily take them out of the cupboard without having to open the whole cabinet, helping cold air is not lost.
    When choosing to buy a side-by-side refrigerator, you need to have a large area of ​​space because the size of the refrigerator is very large, and should also consult in advance because they are quite expensive.
    Mini refrigerator
    Contrary to side-by-side refrigerators, mini refrigerators do not take up too much space, you can easily place them anywhere in the house.
    With a compact design, small capacity, the mini fridge will be suitable for single people or boarding students. The minus point of the mini fridge is probably the freezer that is frozen and the volume is too small to contain much food.

    Refrigerator with 3 drawers
    To meet the needs of consumers, some companies now develop a line of 3-cell refrigerators. The utility is special in the middle compartment of most Beko’s 3-compartments refrigerators because there are 3 independent indoor units, so the middle compartment can be flexibly customized to the freezer or fridge depending on the needs of use.
    Mitsubishi Electric’s 3-compartment fridge is usually the middle compartment that can help vegetables produce vitamins, giving succulent vegetables for a long time. As for Electrolux, the middle compartment is usually a versatile compartment Flex Fresh that easily changes the cooling, freezing or cooling mode.
    Select the required features depending on the purpose of use
    If your family needs to store more frozen food, a refrigerator with a large freezer will be an appropriate choice. On the other hand, your family likes to use fresh vegetables every day, so choose a refrigerator with large vegetable compartment, capable of providing moisture.
    Besides, in the market, refrigerators are also equipped with many other convenient features such as: automatic ice making, taking water outside, taking ice outside, antibacterial, deodorizing, soft freezing, providing vitamins For vegetable compartments, 2 or 3 independent indoor units … you should consider choosing a suitable cabinet.