Tip sanitary equipment selection for the bathroom

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  • 15/10/2019

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  • Currently, to choose sanitary ware for the bathroom, consumers tend to choose by brands: Toto, Inax, Viglacera or are said to be more advanced, then Grohe, Hans Grohe, Kohler, Duravit … However that is new. just a criterion for choosing sanitary ware, in addition to brand criteria, according to consumer experts, should choose sanitary porcelain products according to the following criteria:

    Feel free to choose
    Come to the showroom to experience products to find what you like and do not like the product in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Sit, try, touch, feel every detail of the product you are about to buy, do not simply let the architect choose for you the sanitary ware that you intend to use for 5-10 years … sometimes they Only specify products via catalogs.
    Contemporary style and not out of fashion.
    Choosing sanitary porcelain products is not simple, there is a rule that always seems to be “choose the one you like best” in all the bathroom items: be it a sink, or a sink shower, or toilet. When you consider an item to be the focus of your bathroom space, it is easy to select related items. But should choose sanitary ware with a contemporary style that is not old with time, simple lines because this will help you easily replace sanitary ware in the bathroom in the future because the style is not “outdated”.
    Choose the right products
    A common mistake by consumers is the wrong combination of equipment styles, or the choice of a sink that is too big to think that will satisfy their washing needs. There is also another error that consumers always think white sanitary ware is the same, in fact not so, the same white enamel but the color is still different, the advice in this case is when buying right See color codes and product codes thoroughly.
    You should always remember to choose the right product for the indoor water supply and drainage system, check with your architect or utility contractor whether the system’s water pressure is suitable for the equipment you are planning to buy and replace. so … there are still types that require strong water pressure to operate optimally, in this case, additional pressure pumps need to be considered for installation.
    If your bathroom is large enough, consider installing an independent bathtub, it will be worth the sacrifice. There is a tendency to save space by eliminating tubs instead of standing showers, but real human lives are changing, most likely your bathtub will be needed for young children and the elderly in the future. hybrid. If you need to save space, choose the right size bathtub models that are available on the market, but if possible, you should choose enamel steel bathtubs instead of composite bathtubs because durable and much more reliable and not scratched and stained over time.

    Floor openings have two main problems: very bad smell and poor aesthetics, make sure the contractor installs properly so that the smell cannot escape back to the floor outlet, in addition choose the location of the hole. in a hidden place like under a washbasin, a corner of the wall, or choose a type of floor drain with tiled slots that will hide the floor drain holes, very aesthetic …
    Should choose the type of wipers, which will be more convenient if your hands are dirty, you can still use other parts such as elbows to clean the wiper, or if the family has children, the elderly, the disabled then the lever function is much more effective than turning the faucet.

    Sanitary equipment must save water
    Sanitary ware industry has developed along the trend of saving water very quickly, its products now have heavy drain and light discharge buttons. According to the statistics of scientists, 30% of clean water in the family is consumed by flushing the toilet, 33% is due to bathing activities … With 2-level toilet, according to experts, it is possible you reduce up to 50% of the clean water consumed for toilet flushing.
    For a shower, the high-capacity type usually consumes up to 125 l / 5 minutes and the normal type consumes only 35 l / 5 minutes, of course, when you install the high-power shower, then obviously must hi for upgrading the water supply system …
    An important detail is to choose a toilet with quiet flushing technology, conventional toilets will be 75 dBA.However, currently there are some flushing devices that are only 21 dBA. Or you have a not completely solution is to wrap glass wool pipes under the toilet on each floor, this also partly limits the noise level when draining water.