Top 10 best horizontal cage washing machines 2019

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  • 04/10/2019

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  • Horizontal cage washing machine is a trend of choice for the majority of families today because it offers obvious economic benefits. But where is the best horizontal cage washing machine? The following article will help you.

    The type of horizontal door washer now
    Horizontal load washing machines are available in indirect motion (washing machines that use belts), direct motion transmissions, inverter technology washing machines, and horizontal load washer dryers. Which of these horizontal washing machine should you buy? What advantages and disadvantages do they have? The following information will fully answer you.
    1.1. Washing machine with horizontal door belt
    This was the first washing machine series to be born. This machine operates on the principle that the rotating drum is carried out under the connection between the belt and the motor (ie the motor) of the drum and the washing machine. This principle is similar to the implementation of pedal transmission to the rear wheel of a bicycle.
    When starting the engine, the belt will transfer the force from the motor of the washing machine to the drum, applying the force through a pulley device (also known as a flywheel) at the bottom or the rear of the cage. washing machine, this helps rotate the tub.
    The advantage of this type of washing machine is relatively low price. When the need for repair and maintenance is easy to find, the cost of replacement is also more economical.
    However, this type of machine usually does not work very smoothly. It is possible that after the operation time, the flywheel and belt will be stretched, reducing the transmission ability of the machine, and at the same time causing loud noise, high vibration, increasing friction, leading to a lot of energy consumption. Increased electricity costs.
    Structure of a horizontal door washer
    Structure of washer with horizontal belt (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)
    1.2. Washing machines horizontal door direct drive
    Direct drive washing machines (i.e. washing machines with shaft) this is one of the types of washing machines born after compared with washing machines with belts, do not use the mechanism to transfer motion through belt equipment with the motor. so when the motor is spinning, the washing bucket will spin as well.
    The advantage of this type of machine is energy-saving, because the process of operation, transmission from the engine directly to the washing bucket should not waste electricity. The machine works smoothly, reducing vibration, no noise. In addition, the machine is also more durable, the drum less prone to damage, minimizing repair costs.
    The position of the drum is accurate, the sensor on the machine is directly mounted to the motor so the machine can control and determine the volume more accurately than the number of clothes, thereby saving more electricity and water.
    Disadvantages: With the above points, direct-drive horizontal washing machines have a much higher price than washing machines using belts. Maintenance and repair costs are also relatively high. In addition, due to the strong rotation, if you do not choose a suitable washing mode, the possibility of damaging laundry such as clothes is quite high.
    Construction of horizontal door washer direct drive
    Construction of horizontal door washer direct drive
    1.3. Horizontal washing machine with inverter technology
    When comparing horizontal door washer, it is impossible not to mention inverter washing machine. This type of washing machine is controlled by microprocessor motor, which can adjust the engine rotation reasonably based on each condition to put into the corresponding washing activities, thereby improving the efficiency of the device. and the ability to save maximum electricity and water.
    The outstanding advantage of this type of washing machine is energy and water saving. Smoothly running, no noise. Long-term warranty, can be up to 10 years. Therefore you can feel secure during use.
    1.4. Washing machine with horizontal doors has drying
    Washing machines with a combination of drying have become a trend of choice in recent years. This type of washing machine solves all concerns about drying clothes that are not dry, musty due to the weather, especially in the rainy or winter season.
    The biggest advantage of this machine is that it saves space compared to buying your washing machine and dryer. The price of a washer dryer is also more reasonable when you buy the two separately.

    The best types of horizontal cage washing machines 2019
    2.1. Electrolux washing machine EWF8025CQWA
    The Electrolux EWF8025CQWA washing machine is really for busy people. A quick wash function in just 15 minutes will help you eliminate time problems. The machine can also wash wool fabrics easily with the prestigious Woolmark certificate. Electrolux horizontal cage washer works smoothly, durable thanks to Inverter operation technology.
    2.2. Samsung washing machine WW80J42G0BW
    Owning horizontal cage washing machine Samsung is modern, luxurious, sophisticated in color, convenient to combine for every interior space of the house. This device will definitely contribute to the modern design and comfort of your home. The technology of steam washing in high temperatures helps the machine to remove hard stains, giving bright, clean clothes. Steam removes 99.9% of allergens, bacteria, reduces wrinkles, gives softer fabrics. Therefore, Samsung washing machine WW80J42G0BW is suitable for families with young children.